Discreet carry.

Instant protection.

When the threat of a firearm is imminent, the MTS™ is deployed in seconds providing a shield of ballistic protection. 



"A laptop bag can protect all of your electronics as you bump into other passengers on a crowded subway, or simply get caught in the rain. But the MTS Multi-Threat Shield briefcase goes much way further than that—it can also protect you from gunshots, knives, and even physical attacks when unfurled into a three-foot long shield." - GIZMODO.com


    Low profile design looks like a laptop case, enabling the shield to be carried covertly in any environment.

    For Use By All.
    First responders, executive/dignitary protection, home/family defense, workplace safety, private security.

    At only 8 lbs. the MTS™ is the lightest ballistic Level IIIA shield on the market.

    Rapid Deployment.
    A quick snap of the wrist provides a 3-foot long blanket of protection.

    20% - 40% less expensive than other Level IIIA shields

    From law enforcement to home defense, from a bullet to a punch, the Savior’s proprietary design and material offers an extremely versatile protection tool.

    Level IIIA Protection.
    Defeats multiple impacts from a wide range of handgun, shotgun, and pistol caliber sub-machine gun ammunitions.

    Up-Armor Option.
    Front plate carrier pocket will hold the custom MTS™ Level III rifle plate.

    Provides protection against firearms, edged weapons, blunt objects, & punches/kicks.

    Covert-access Utility Pouch.
    Expandable pouch for equipment (handgun, Taser, first aid, tablet, keys, etc.) with interior Velcro loop for attachments (sold separately) . Includes zippered side entry panel for covert access.

    Blunt Force Protection.
    Includes Shock Pad and Kydex® insert.

    Ultra Portable.
    Folded soft material and lightweight design measures only 12” x 17.5”.

    Hands-free Control.
    MIL-SPEC shoulder strap allows use of both hands while maintaining control of the shield.

    Multiple carrier and deployments positions with both right and left hand.

    Rugged 1680-Denier water and abrasion resistant lightweight ballistic nylon triple stitch carrier.

    ID Field.
    Large Velcro loop field for identification patches (POLICE, SECURITY, etc.) when shield is in deployed position.

    Comprehensive MTS™ techniques & tactics operator and instructor certification courses are available.

    Made In The USA.

    • Model No.: MTS-010
    • Protection Level: NIJ Level IIIA (Level III w/optional Rifle Plate Insert).
      MTS™ was tested by a National Institute of Justice approved laboratory for ballistic resistance in accordance with Modified/Abbreviated NIJ 0108.01, Threat Level IIIA. The results were “No Penetration,” and therefore meets the requirements of Level IIIA.
      • Total Weight: 8 Lbs.
      • Closed Position Size: 12” L x 17.5” W x 1.75” D
      • Open Position Size: 36.5” L x 17.5” W x 0.58” D
      • Total Ballistic Coverage: 639 sq. in.
      • Ballistic Components: One-Piece (no gap) Laminated Kevlar®
      • Carrier Material: 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon, Water Repellent
      • Blunt Force Inserts: 11” x 17” x 0.16” Kydex® & 11” x 17” x .25” Shock Pad
      • Strap: MIL-SPEC 1.5” Webbing w/360 Detachable Rotating Polymer Clips
      • Color: Black
      • Protective component warranted 5 years from date of purchase against manufacturing defects.
      • DO NOT WASH or Dry Clean inserts. Wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap.
      • No protection without ballistic inserts.
      • The manufacturer certifies that this model of ballistic armor has been tested by NIJ approved lab National Testing Systems and has been found to perform at NIJ Level IIIA performance - #NIJ 0108.01.
      • WARNING - The ballistic material will not protect the user from rifle fire, armor piercing projectiles or other special purpose projectiles without use of special purpose insert (Level III).
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    The lightest, most discreet, versatile, and affordable ballistic shield available.

    The MTS™ Multi-Threat Shield is the lightest, most discreet, versatile, and affordable ballistic shield available.

    Weighing just 8 lbs. and with the appearance of a laptop computer bag, the MTS™ has applications in many environments - home/family defense, law enforcement, fire/EMS, executive protection, workplace safety, corporate/private security, educators, hospital staff, and more.


    3-foot long blanket of protection in seconds

    Whether the threat is an intruder or an active shooter, a quick flick of the wrist swiftly deploys a 3-foot long blanket of protection to defeat multiple impacts from most handgun, shotgun and pistol caliber sub-machine gun threats.

    (Protection against high-powered rifles is available with a Level III insert plate; sold separately.)

    Designed for everyday carry.

    The MTS' primary design is protection against threats from firearms. However, the MTS™ is a true multi-threat shield, offering protection from attacks with blunt objects and edged weapons, as well as punches and kicks.

    The MTS™ is designed for everyday carry. To enhance it’s practicality, it includes an expandable utility pouch with covert access, which offers the ability to carry a wide range of equipment and accessories - from a handgun or Taser to a laptop or tablet.


    Light enough to be held by a child. Strong enough to stop a .44 Magnum.

    Light enough to be held by a child, but strong enough to stop a .44 Magnum traveling 1412 feet per second, the MTS™ is truly a lifesaver. 

    Personal safety is a personal choice, and the MTS™ Multi-Threat Shield is the best choice you can make.



    International Orders

    International orders for the MTS™ are now available!

    Do not place an order online; please contact us first for requisite information and forms at info@forcetraining.com.

    Discreet carry. Instant protection.