Ammo Purchase

This ammunition is specifically for FTI's Firearms courses.  For more information on these live-fire training events, please go to and click on the course(s) you're interested in.

Ammo count required per course (price varies by caliber):

  • Basic Pistol/Firearm Fundamentals = 100 rounds ($40-50)
  • Intermediate Pistol = 300 rounds ($90-$150)
  • "10-Ring" Firearms and Fitness = 250 rounds ($75-125)
  • Advance Pistol/Disadvantaged Shooting = 350 rounds ($105-175)
  • Qual Time = 400 rounds ($120-$200)
  • Private Event = varies

Each order will include one of the above amount and will be hand-delivered to you at Burro Canyon Shooting Park on the day of the event.

Please make all ammunition purchases no later than 2 days before the event. For any last-minute requests or general questions, please contact us at

We encourage you to also check ammo prices at your local gun/sporting goods store; it may be less expensive to purchase there.

Thank you!

Note: Please ensure the ammo caliber matches the caliber of your handgun rental (if applicable).  To rent a handgun go to