Force Training Institute exists to advance the safety and security of people, information, and property. We are comprised of a diverse and highly experienced group of subject matter experts with legal, corporate, risk management, security, military, and law enforcement backgrounds. We provide a full spectrum approach toward the fields of crisis management, and both personal and organizational safety and security, while remaining acutely aware of liability issues.

Force Training Institute works with and advises hundreds of private and public organizations in the United States and abroad, including retailers, Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, educational institutions, airports, security teams, military units, and law enforcement agencies . We have extensive experience providing unique assessment, consulting, training, and certification programs designed for use in critical infrastructure and national assets, which offer solutions to well-defined public safety threats, and those that are newly emerging.

Force Training Institute’s recommendations are characterized by a logical, progressive, and integrated approach to learning that results in a highly effective, easy-to-learn, and practical method of implementation for critical problems and life threatening situations. Our programs provide real world effectiveness and legally defensible applications of reasonable force and threat mitigation while improving organizational resiliency.






The FTI logo symbolizes a strong, sharp forward moving arrowhead. The traditional Native American meaning of the arrowhead symbol is to signify alertness. Our programs are alert to your needs, custom developed for your organization, and constantly evolving to meet newly emerging threats that surround us. The point of the arrowhead leads the way. Our organization prides itself on being ahead of current trends and keeping our clients safe. Our team and arrowhead are strong. We are forged with honor, loyalty, integrity, trust and love. These characteristics have bonded us together from the battlefield to the boardroom. We bring these qualities and an uncompromising passion for success to each of our projects.



As the Director of Force Training Institute, J. Hart leads a team of first responders, anti-terrorism, cybersecurity, defensive tactics, and crisis management specialists with vast cumulative experience and expertise in safety and security.

Mr. Hart is also a Police Lieutenant for one of the largest municipal police departments in Los Angeles County and has testified as an expert in law enforcement training, policies, procedures, and use of force issues. Mr. Hart is the SWAT Commander for his agency, in addition to being in charge of his agency’s Use of Force, Active Shooter, and Firearms training programs. He is a certified POST Advanced Instructor, Force Science Research Analyst, FBI Firearms Instructor and Law Enforcement Instructor with the Krav Maga Worldwide® Force Training Division.

Mr. Hart has worked with numerous retail organizations, as well as global and national Fortune 500 companies on creating and implementing active shooter mitigation programs and emergency management response plans. Moreover, he has helped develop the Countering Violent Extremism in California resource guide and continues to assist organizations in threat assessment, risk management, and emergency management planning. Mr. Hart has received numerous awards for his work in the private sector. He is currently a member of the National Research Council, Security Advisory Group in Washington D.C., and sits on a federal think tank panel with the Department of Homeland Security providing new and innovative solutions to matters of safety and security in the workplace.

"Thank you for visiting Force Training Institute. Our cadre of experienced professionals are eager to support you with any challenge you're facing. We implement a systematic and common sense approach to increasing organizational and personal safety, and are dedicated to the idea that "Knowledge increases confidence, confidence increases decisiveness, and decisive action in a critical incident is what saves lives.""
- J. Hart, Director, Force Training Institute


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