MTS™ Multi-Threat Shield Training Courses

The MTS™ Multi-Threat Shield is the lightest, most discreet, versatile, and affordable ballistic shield available, which has applications in many environments - home/family defense, law enforcement, fire/EMS, executive protection, corporate/private security, educators, hospital staff, and more. But, a piece of equipment is only as good as the training and experience you have in its use and functionality.

Force Training Institute has developed a comprehensive training program for the MTS™ Multi-Threat Shield. MTS™ “end user” and instructor training modules will arm you with the skills and tactical proficiency to detect, deter, and defend against any lethal threat.

MTS™ training includes:

  • Carrying Positions
  • Deployment Techniques
  • Personal Weapons
  • Defenses against Unarmed Attacks
  • Defenses against Blunt Objects
  • Defenses against Edged Weapons
  • Defense against Handgun
  • Defense against Rifle/Long Gun
  • Swarm Technique
  • Tactical Movement

Courses are available online at FTI Academy or through a certified MTS™ instructor.

Instructor certification courses are also available. Please contact Force Training Institute for more information.


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