At Force Training Institute we’ve developed our firearms programs based on sound training doctrine and delivery strategies that transfer a vast amount of knowledge in a short amount of time. Our courses afford easy recall under stress, and will prepare you for any challenge in a real-world environment. All of our instructors have experience in military special operations and law enforcement, and possess numerous State and Federal training credentials. ​






This dynamic course is for the beginning shooter as well as the intermediate shooter who wants to fine-tune marksmanship fundamentals. Our systematic approach will ensure you leave with a good working knowledge of firearms safety and concepts such as sight alignment, sight picture, trigger press and follow-through.

Women Only

This exclusive “Women’s Only” course will encompass firearms fundamentals and practical application so that you walk away with the necessary skills and confidence to protect yourself and those you love. We will identify the subtle yet important differences in firearms /ammunition selections for self-defense and basic marksmanship skills so you can be secure in your home and person. This course can also be used as a fun “girls day out!”

Combat Pistol

This course has been custom designed around real-world situations where police officers and law abiding citizens have had to literally fight for their lives. We cover specific life-saving skills to ensure that you leave with a good working knowledge of combat pistol fundamentals and deployment skills during situations that are tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving.

10 Ring Fitness™

10 Ring Fitness™ is where firearms, fitness, and self-defense meet. This highly specialized course focuses on the entire gunfighter, and addresses the reality of high-risk threats and dangerous encounters. Using the latest cutting edge sports science, combat experience, and timeless marksmanship fundamentals, you walk away with the physical skills and mental toughness to quickly identify, respond to, and stop any attack.

Dynamic Breaching

This all-encompassing course covers current breaching tactics and case law to include: pre-incident scouting operations, breacher report/threat assessment fundamentals, mechanical breaching, ballistic breaching, and failed breach/immediate action drills.

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