Competition in the retail sector has been moving forward at a rapid pace, which has resulted in more demands and concerns being placed upon retail safety professionals. To address these added demands, Force Training Institute has developed comprehensive training programs to support you in whatever role or capacity you currently serve in the retail safety and loss prevention profession. Whether it’s addressing active shooter mitigation, industrial espionage, or developing an Organized Retail Crime Impact Team, Force Training Institute has you covered.

This training is for everyone! The life-saving training has already saved countless lives and successfully stopped and or prevented several different active shooter events.


Retail Association of Maine

"I've said  this many times now, J. is one of the best presenters I have seen on ANY topic. I've been to many presentations in my career on any variety of topics, and J. is the best I've seen. I first saw him at a regional organized retail crime conference and then brought him to Maine to conduct an in-depth Active Shooter training for area loss prevention and law enforcement. He packed the room and people are still talking about the event. J. deals with the subject directly, but also with respect to the difficult nature of the subject matter. I highly recommend J."

Curtis Picard, CAE, Executive Director

Active Shooter Mitigation in the Retail Environment

Mitigating the threats posed by active shooters in the retail environment is more important now than ever before. This training is custom designed to address the risks and threats confronting every facet of retail from large scale malls and shopping centers to individual stores and small businesses. This training will provide you with the necessary strategy and clear guidance for creating your own active shooter mitigation policies and procedures.

Surveillance Driving for Organized Retail Crime Impact Teams

Successfully arresting and prosecuting Organized Retail Crime crews hinges upon your ability to observe and document criminal acts and movements undetected. In this hands-on training module, we’ll start with classroom instruction covering tactics, techniques, and procedures and then move to the field for practical application of tactical driving, team communication, and surveillance skills. This reality based training will prepare you and your team for real-world operations resulting in increased safety, reduced shrink, and successful apprehension/prosecution of Organized Retail Crime crews.

Covert Surveillance

This training module will provide security professionals the necessary skills necessary to observe criminal activity and remain undetected until apprehension. Participants are given the opportunity to practice fundamental covert surveillance skills and techniques including, team tactics, communication and apprehension procedures.

Covert Video and Photography

Utilizing your current surveillance equipment, learn and practice evidence capturing activities while trying to avoid detection by our counter surveillance operatives. Also covered: Low-light, long distance, and close quarters evidence capturing techniques.

Suspected Theft Observation Program (STOP)

Organized Retail Crime Impact Team (ORCIT)

Suspect Apprehension in the Retail Environment (SARE)

Retail Security 360

This training is for the small to mid-size retail business that does not have a full time security manager or director. This course is for the dual-hatted manager or director that has security responsibilities and is not a security professional or for general managers that have to integrate security into his or her organization (because of an event or to be prepared).

Retail Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design & Physical Security

Design and build facilities in such a way that deters crime or unwanted behaviors. The program is also supplemented with a physical security component, including exploring security-in-depth, for when denial, not just deterrence, of physical access is required.

Insider Threat Programs

Workplace Violence to Industrial Espionage: Addressing the ever present but rising threat by internal sources. We discuss what organizations value (targets), the threats to those targets, and methods to identify and mitigate the threats. The course will also teach different types of insider threats and the varying approaches/methods for dealing with them by industry, law enforcement, and the intelligence community.

Critical Information Program

Keep Secrets Secret: This course is about protecting an organization’s Critical Information. It could be the recipe to Coca-Cola Classic or acquisition plans to buy a new company or salary and contact information for a company’s entire R&D unit. This training explores a multiple-disciplined approach to protecting an organization’s “crown jewels.”

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