Unexpected security challenges can come up at any time. Our goal is meet your needs with custom training to detect problems, mitigate risk, deter loss, and maximize protection. We offer a wide variety of training modules from top experts in the country. Our comprehensive programs are designed to enhance and cooperate with your current security and protection protocols.


Executive Protection

This specialized training is designed to meet the needs of operators working in different environments with varied backgrounds and experience. From entry-level to seasoned practitioners Force Training Institute’s executive protection training will provide you with the current day, best practices in executive protection. Topics include: Threat Assessment; Advance Procedure; Liaison Training; Movement and Extraction; Countersurveillance; Defensive Tactics; Protective Driving; and Paramedicine.

Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Detection Methods

It is now more important than ever to have a good working knowledge of surveillance and counter surveillance techniques given today’s threat of asymmetrical terrorism and corporate espionage. This training will focus on sound surveillance tactics, techniques, and procedures to increase your operational security and effectiveness. We address sound counter surveillance methods to ensure the early detection and deterrence of intelligence gathering operations.

Behavior Detection

Behavior Detection is a technique developed by Israeli Security Agency (ISA) that allows trained professionals to detect people with harmful intentions such as carrying out a terrorist attack. ISA utilizes this technique every day at multiple high profile potential targets in Israel and throughout the world. Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport and El Al – Israeli Airlines are some of the places where this technique is in use. Behavior Detection is the most effective method of preventing terrorist attacks versus responding to them. It puts the Security or Law Enforcement agency on the proactive versus the reactive side. The effectiveness of Behavior Detection has been proven not only in Israel, but in the United States as well. This training module will teach the participants the concept, history, applications in Israel and the U.S.. A Behavior Detection training program will enable the participants to apply the learned technique within their protected environment and tremendously increase the effectiveness of their security operations.

Passport and Visa Verification

This training module covers national and international passports, visas and their use during a security Interview. Types of counterfeits, security features and application for law enforcement and security agencies. In addition this presentation covers some of the federal guidelines relevant to passports possession and identification by law enforcement and security agencies.

Security 360

This training is for the small to mid-size businesses that does not have a full time security manager or director. This course is for the dual-hatted manager or director that has security responsibilities and is not a security professional or for general managers that have to integrate security into his or her organization (because of an event or to be prepared).

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