3-foot long blanket of protection in seconds

Whether the threat is an intruder or an active shooter, a quick flick of the wrist swiftly deploys a 3-foot long blanket of protection to defeat multiple impacts from most handgun, shotgun and pistol caliber sub-machine gun threats.

(Protection against high-powered rifles is available with a Level III insert plate; sold separately.)

Designed for everyday carry.

The Savior’s primary design is protection against threats from firearms. However, the Savior is a true multi-threat shield, offering protection from attacks with blunt objects and edged weapons, as well as punches and kicks.

The Savior is designed for everyday carry. To enhance it’s practicality, it includes an expandable utility pouch with covert access, which offers the ability to carry a wide range of equipment and accessories - from a handgun or Taser to a laptop or tablet.