FTI Director J. Hart featured on RILA's Website (part 2 of 2): "The Latest Developments in Active Shooter Training"

FTI Director J. Hart has recently been featured twice on the website for the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) covering various aspects of Active Shooter Mitigation as it pertains to the retail businesses.

The second of the two features is a video from RILA's Retail Asset Protection Conference last May, a panel moderated by Jay Hart titled "The Latest Developments in Active Shooter Training."

As a subject matter expert from his military and law enforcement careers, Jay led an hour-long discussion with industry experts from Gap, REI, Dick's Sporting Goods, and GameStop as well as taking the opportunity to evaluate how each approach the subject of Active Shooter training. Additionally, the panelists elaborated on the realities of active shooter incidents in a retail environment, current mitigation measures, and future courses of action to ensure the safety and security of retailers and customers alike.

Video embedded at Rila's Live Learning Center

Thank you RILA and to all the panelists for an insightful and engaging discussion!