Qual Time! Firearms Course Scheduled for June 20, 2015

Force Training Institute presents a live-fire "Qual Time" Course on Saturday, June 20, 2015. In the fields of military and law enforcement, individuals are held to a high standard with regard to marksmanship. In order to demonstrate proficiency with a firearm, these individuals train and apply their skills toward qualification courses with comprehensive evaluation by expert marksmen.

With a passion to teach and share experiences, FTI's expert firearms instructors have designed a course that brings such firearms qualification courses to you!
Here’s your opportunity to apply your skills and see how you fare against real law enforcement qualifications such as:
  • Glock Mod-A Course
  • Rangemaster Bulls-eye Course
  • FBI Combat Pistol Qualification Course
The 7-hour course also includes:
  • Multiple practice rounds of the above courses with coaching from our instructors
  • A qualification round for each of the above for points
  • 5-Count Draw
  • Speed Reload Drills
  • Disadvantaged Shooting
  • One-Handed Shooting
  • Shooting from Supported and Unsupported Kneeling Positions
  • Shooting from Prone Position  
So if you want to be tested and given the opportunity run through real qualifications by certified firearms instructors, then this is the course for you!.
Sign up today to see where you stand!  Go to forcetraining.com/livefire to register.
Rick Christiansen has over 28 years of military experience in Naval Special Warfare as a SEAL Team operator, and is also an active law enforcement officer and primary firearms instructor for a major law enforcement organization in Los Angeles County. He holds numerous instructor certifications such as FBI Firearms Instructor, Rifle and Patrol Rifle Instructor, Basic and Advanced SWAT, Tactical Team Leaders Course, and is a certified armorer for Glock, Colt, H&K, and Remington.  
Russ Shaver is a law enforcement master instructor and competition shooter winning awards such as the California IDPA State Championship, Arizona IDPA State Championship, Double Tap Championship, and 1911 Centennial 2011 Championship, to name a few.  He served as a Primary Marksmanship Instructor in the Marine Corps and is the lead firearms instructor for a major law enforcement agency in Los Angeles County.  Russ is a SWAT team leader, Tactical Rifle, Shotgun, and Pistol Instructor, FBI Firearms Instructor, and certified armorer for multiple weapons platforms.