Pepperdine University Dept. of Public Safety Adopts the MTS™ - "It's A Game Changer!"


Force Training Institute and Simi Valley-based Covered 6 has partnered to develop and distribute the patent pending MTS™ Multi-Threat / Bulletproof Shield.  Recently, Covered 6 provided active shooter training to Pepperdine University's Department of Public Safety (DPS) who purchased the MTS™ for each of it's team members.  During the training officers deployed the MTS throughout the campus in mock active shooter scenarios.

"It's a real game changer for the first officer making entry into a room to confront an armed suspect," says Pepperdine's Director of Public Safety.  "The MTS™ gives a new advantage for entry teams moving through large venue spaces to conduct room to room searches.  It also does not draw attention when carried in any academic or business environment - it can be used discreetly to approach a non-lethal situation, making it immediately available should circumstances escalate."

MTS units are also in every administrative building on the campus. "It can be used by unarmed support staff to retreat from a suspect if encountered at their work station," explains the DPS Director.

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